DavePops are a new frozen novelty made from a new process called duBle’. This new process was developed by Dave Feldpausch. They are soft and creamy like ice cream, but do not need the addition of fats or dairy to achieve an ice cream like texture. In fact they are made in an entirely new way that does not use ice cream equipment.

They are low in calories and fat, but most importantly taste great. People are shocked. Comments often heard are “this is the best popsicle I have ever had”. I am not joking.

Since DavePops do not use ice cream equipment they can be made from all most anything, whole fruits, juices, soy milk, almond milk, teas, sodas even energy drinks. Dairy can be used, but why if you don’t have to.

DavePops are sweetened with sugar. With a no added sugar version sweetened with Stevia.

The proof is in the popsicle.

Try making these with ice cream equipment!

Just some examples listed below.

Primary Ingrediants

Strawberry Peanut Butter: Whole strawberries and natural peanut butter. Tastses like a PB&J without the bread.

Celery Peanut Butter: Celery and natural peanut butter. My Mom's favorite snack!

Chai Protein: Great distinctive flavor with 3 grams of protein. Made with green tea, chai spices, vanilla with soy protein.

Chocolate Sunflower: Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, natural sunflower seed butter, tastes like a candy bar.

Odwalla Supper Food & Help Protein (5 Grams of Help Protein)

Brought to you by using Process duBle'