DavePops and duBle’ were born after years and years of trial and error. There were no books to check out, just do it till it worked. In 1985 my appendix burst. During rehab I could not work so I started making animal-fat-free, dairy-free smoothies. I added all sorts of fruits, fresh, dried and frozen. I then became interested in making frozen smoothies, but couldn’t work out why I was able to achieve a smooth creamy texture in some but not in all of my fruit based “Pops”

I took many courses at UC Davis on making ice cream and freezing technology. I then started building many custom machines and freezer and trying to figure out just how to make all my smoothie based “Pops” creamy. This is how the duBlé process was developed and perfected.

For many years I would use my friends and family to test everything from mouth feel, texture and of course flavor. At first it was sort of hit and miss, but as time went on the pops got better and better. The pops I had developed became so popular, wherever I went the kids of my friends and family would immediately ask, “Dave did you bring any DavePops? And the name stuck.

DavePints are a recent addition carrying on the DavePops tradition.