With traditional ice cream the creaminess and smoothness you get, say in a strawberry ice-cream comes from the cream and fat and not the strawberries. Take the cream and fat out, and you no longer get a smooth creamy product. That is where DavePops are different. We make great smooth and creamy pops with whole fruit and no milk, cream, eggs or other animal fat products. It's dairy free, yet silky smooth and creamy.

The unique process for making DavePops is called duBle' and is patent pending. The origin of the name comes from the fact that the product is frozen twice and it coincidently rhymes with sorbet.

That’s it, a simple process with simple whole foods, simply made to yield something simply great.

duBle' is a new process that makes an ice cream like product that is not dependent on using fat, dairy or eggs. It produces a unique and patentable ice structure that does not drip like ice cream or sorbet. Imagine making your favorite smoothie as healthy or indulgent as you wish, then refreezing that smoothie and have it stay soft and creamy, its frozen twice, that is duBle'.

Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Mango Mandarin Orange,
Root Beer, just to name a few flavors...

(That's right 4 strawberries in each pop)

  • Can be made with whole fruits, fruit juice, non dairy milks, even soda.
  • Dairy free, gluten free, even vegan, but you would never know it
  • Rich without being heavy
  • Powerful flavors with a unique, enjoyable creamy texture
  • Base flavors are 100 calories per pop
  • Very simple and understandable ingredients